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Thanks for checking in (2018)...I have let things slide on the old website! The last time I was writing here-it was 2016 and I had high hopes for a record release. But alas, it never happened AGAIN!

To re-cap for you all that MAY be interested. I made a record WAAAAAY back in 2004-and was never able to release it due to music business BS. I had some hope for it to be released in 2016, but the same BS that kept it from being released in 2004 goes on! SO! for the last two years...I have waited patiently yet again for a resolve. Which never came. SO! The Waiting for Beautiful record never came to fruition. Maybe the name has something to do with it! lol. But I take heart. I FINALLY received a copy of the MASTER which I have never had before this maybe...just maybe.....

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