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About Time

Well, for those of you that may be reading this, I owe you an apology! It has been two years since you heard from me last, and well....there is no excuse. I thought i may have been able to release Waiting for Beautiful back in 2016, and again, I was unable to do so (read my home page for more info)

Anyhow....Things are good. I am going to be 50 in a couple of months here and I am feeling a lot of things. I am definitely feeling a responsibility to the music, and to the kind people who care enough to listen, and who read this.

I cleaned out my music room, I updated my youtube channel and I am looking forward to the year ahead. 

Thank you for being on the journey with me. It means we are not alone you and I-we are in this together....




I was in the studio last week running through the mixes finally! We have a couple little things to do and then the record will be released.

Hope everyone is doing well.....


Waiting For Beautiful?

Hey everyone...just a little update for you all. My "Waiting For Beautiful" title track has been so warmly received by all you wonderful I just wanted you to know that the full length recording IS on it's way...later than I anticipated. But isn't that always the WAY!? Ha! Anyhow, my hopes for beginning of 2016 have been dashed by my very busy life/work schedule. BUT- once I return from Thailand in May, I will be able to settle down and focus on all the work to get it released. Thanks for "Waiting for Beautiful" Blessings!

Merry Christmas Everyone.....

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out to the Christmas Shows I participated in this year.

They were both very special shows. ( you can see more in the dates section) The work on the NEW (old) record is coming along. Just a

little bit of re-mixing and artwork and we will be ready to roll in the New Year. Looking forward to seeing MORE of you in 2016!


Here Goes....

Hi Everyone!

Well, there is some New News that I am excited to share with you!

I am releasing a new (old) record in February of 2016. And am pre-releasing the Title Track this week.

Right now, you can download the title track through CD BABY OR you can purchase a bottle of 

"Waiting For Beautiful" Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc, and get the track for free!

WOW!!! Find out more about it more here.

Please stay in touch with me on my facebook page or sign up on the mailing list for updates.




Holding On

Cara Luft and I co-wrote a song in 2012 called Holding On (Recorded on the Engadine Sessions). It just made the 20 Honourable Mention Winners list in the USA Songwriting Competition, 

Cool huh?


House Concert

Looking forward to an intimate house concert in Edmonton on  Nov 15. Check out the events page to email the host if you would like to attend. See some of you there!


Honey In The Jar

Hi Everyone.....

I am excited to be kicking off a new show with two SUPER stars! Chloe Albert, Ben Sures and Yours Truly will be traveling a songwriter in the round show called "Honey In The Jar" We kick off in Fernie BC Sept 11(still waiting for details) then we go to The Cochrane Valley Folk Club on Sept 12 and a private gig in Medicine Hat on the 13th. We look forward to connecting with you all and are excited to get this show on the road!


Front Porch Roots Review....

Had a fun time playing with the boys from front porch....will join them again at the beginning of December for a few shows. looking forward to it! Stay tuned. 

Always Mt Engadine...

Sorry I am so lame with keeping things up to date in my journal! It's funny-I am looking back at posts and the last few have been Mt Engadine.

WELL! Yet again i am inspired to post today because i just got back from the Mt Engadine, and again, it was an amazing, beautiful experience. Thank you to everyone there! Especially Chris and ShariLynn  and their wonderful staff!

I know I always promise to post more, and I will promise again, but i cant promise....haha.

I have a new record on my mind....just have to figure out how to git er done....

Blessings to you if you are reading this!


The Engadine Sessions...


CKUA placed The Engadine Sessions at #18 in their top 30 chart this week! Thanks to those announcers who get the word out there!!!!!! Watch for the Tour dates in October....will post shortly. YOU can buy a copy at

Mt. Engadine.....

Oh My Goodness....

What a week at Mt Engadine...I was invited into the heart of a breathtaking music project and it was incredible all round. Spent a week writing, co-writing and recording a record with Suzie Vinnick, Chloe Albert, Cara Luft, Cori Brewster,  and Kat Danser. It was nothing short of magical. Chris and Shari lynn, Bree  and Carol SPOLIED us all....and Dan Walsh and JP Riemens were nothing short of amazing. Can't wait to hear the mixes and get the record out into the world. Namaste.


Hilary's Ride/Mt. Engadine....

I think I had the best weekend ever last weekend! Played at the Blue Chair in support of Hillary's Ride with so many GREAT players. Thank you Bill and Bettyjo Werthmann for being the glue in our music community! And thanks to Chris and Shari at Mt. Engadine for ALL you do! We are honored guests at the lodge! Everything about it is top drawer, otherworldly. Was a beautiful night of song and food and friends. Blessings k

Dry Island....

Just wanted to make mention of an event that i really uncle invites me to sing at his painter's retreat at the campfire every year in Dry Island Buffalo Jump. Was there yesterday with all the great people in his workshop. He is an incredible painter- Jim Davies- and he attracts all these wonderful people, and I am so blessed to be part of it. Dry Island is the coolest place. So many years ago now, we filmed the CBC Alberta Bound segment there, and everytime i drive there i am astounded by the beauty.

Want to send special blessings to Maureen and Annie....and thanks to everyone who connected and told me their stories about their journey....

One love......

Edmonton Folk Fest

Was so great to be a part of the greatest festival on earth! A little weird coming back to reality! Thanks to all the great folks who came out to the stages and shared their love with us! It is an honor to play music for you....blessings.... karla

Club Paradiso....

Beautiful, Beautiful venue! Wonderful room, full of beautiful people. Thanks for the great show Tim, Joe and Russ....Felt great. We'll be back!


Is here....have a few gigs coming up and the Edmonton Folk Festival. I am super excited. HOPEFULLY going to have a little surprise release coming out before the fest....Just hammering out details. But i am EXCITED to see the little bird fly. peace.

My Bad....

January? January? Really? That's the last entry I made? You all better start hassling me about this! LOL.

I have no internet at home, and my work day is usually so busy i don't get here. How's that for an excuse?

I have a couple of things cookin that I am SO excited about. Will keep you posted. Promise.

Hoping that all you journeying souls are helping one another along the way. That you are finding beauty in this loooooooong winter(if you are in Alberta) Blesings to the souls who are re-building on the other side of the world. Don't forget, your simple prayer and meditation on their healing is POWERFUL. Take 5 minutes everyday to send healing and love to Japan. To one another. I send my blessings to you now.

one love


Thanks Tamara.... For adding Brand New Day as one of your top ten records of 2010.... YAY...check out the press page for more info.


HAH!!!! So a new video Camera so that I can make some music vids and post them...rather than waiting for another record! Will keep you posted!!!! going home to PLAY! :) k

middle of the freeze...

well...the days are shorter and colder and darker....sound like fodder for songwriting? Hah!!! Trying to keep up on my vitamin D intake. How is everyone doing out there? I am excited to be playing a gig on New Years Eve this year in Edmonton to raise money for the food bank. There is a nice line up of musicians...and a great cause. Will post the info on my dates page. Just mostly wanted to say hello...we're coming up to "that time" of the year. One of my least favorite. I know I know! I'm working on a song about it...maybe she'll be ready by NYE. See you there? Blessings k

The Fall...

Is upon us...with winter close on her heels...brrrr..can feel the chill in the air. Lots going on, but just wanted to touch base and say hello. Wanted to address Michael's question about Waiting for Beautiful. I will re-record it someday...and yes, there are publication issues, but not with JOA. I just need to completely re do the version that was made is unavailable. And it would be grand to make a new record every two years....but they are financed by myself personally, and until the loan is paid off...there is no record forthcoming. So...we Wait...for Beautiful. Thanks to everyone who has bought a record and supported live music and independant artists like me! We couldn't do it without you. Blessings all

Mt. Engadine...

Thanks so much to Kat Dancer for passing along my name to Chris at the lodge. We went and played to a BEAUTIFUL bunch of people. In an extraordinary setting! We love you! Chris and Sherry-lynn, Brenda and Mike, and sweet Bree! So many great guests too...My best buddy Debbie who showed up and surprised me! Armel, Viv and Gordon, our dinner gang...and Dan and Danielle...Jennifer, so many great folks! Anyhow~will quit gushing now! But we had a wonderful time. Signing off...

Alberta Primetime Interview 2010

Hey everyone...go to this link and check out this interview! It was a ton of fun hanging out with Frederick and Dean at the Hacienda!

Thanks Guys!


Hazy DayZ O Summer...

Wow! It's August...and where i live, that means summer is just about over! GAWD! And it JUST started! Been a great one so far middle son graduated, AND turned 18. We have had three and a tween festivals. :) A Canada Day dealio...A terrific CBC Show "Bands at the Grand" and a great Access TV interview. It has been nice to play for all you great people. I love the stories, the connection, the real reason to play is to connect! Thanks to everyone for a kind word given or a smile and nod that lets me know we are reaching that place. Must get my head into the days work ahead of me now, but blessings to you all out there!

You Never Know...

What life is going to hand you. Feeling a little blue for my son and his friends who are greiving the loss of one of their pals. Feelin even bluer for the lad's mum who has to go on without him. I wish i had a way to save people from this kind of deep blue. It seems like there are so many questions without answers. Anyhow. You know who you are, hang in there. Be strong, be weak, be reaching out for hands that can hold and help you through this dark road. One love.  karla

Me Bad...

Sorry I always leave it so long between entries!!!!!! Am really excited about the Mishah Ocean Gig coming up! Lewis Lavoie will be painting...Tim and i will be playing. There is going to be some great energy there!Anyhow. Hope everyone is well in the world. Life is such a trip....ONE LOVE. K


Just wanted to say a big thank you for the great people who are coming out and supporting live music! We have a had a few great shows....Edmonton~thanks to all the friends and new faces that came out! Grande Prairie~thanks so much to Franz and his great team at the second st theatre...what a very cool place to play....nice nice crowd! Last night at the Grande Theatre in Calgary...filming with CBC. Really nice show...great audience! Beautiful Theatre. Thanks to all who chatted with me after, and bought CD's! Nice to connect with you Diana and Denis, Harvey, Anna...all of you! Thanks! Hope to see you down the road! Blessings karla


Just sent an email out regarding upcoming dates in can find info on the dates tab if you aren't on the mailing list.

Also, was in Calgary this weekend playing at Allison Brock's Wide Cut Country 10 year Anniversary Celebration!

What a great turn out at 9 am at the IRONWOOD in Calgary!!!! It looked like it was 11 pm on a Saturday night there! Really great line up with Lynn Miles kicking it off, then Stephen Fearing, Conrad Walz, Tim William, Cam Penner, The Joe Defendants, myself, and Ian Tyson wrapping it up!!!

It was really awesome! Congratulations Allison on creating such a wonderful program, and thanks to all the great people in Calgary who came out on a Saturday Morning! It was a beautiful day!


Look forward to seeing some of you out at the shows this month!





Baby it's cold outside....

Welcome winter, you've been hanging back, but now we know you are here to stay. Just looking at the stats on the website traffic here. There are so many people visiting us from Russia and Germany....Please drop me a line, or leave a note on the guestbook. I am always so curious as to how you have come to visit. And!!! My big goal is to get to Europe to play next year, so MAKE contact with me! I just might come to a venue near you!

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who takes the time to check in. Drop a line any old time.

Blessings! Karla


Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the shows in Canmore and Calgary....SUPER big hug and thanks to Nancy and John from Saskatoon who drove all that way to see the show and buy a CD!!!!!!!!!!!! You two are AWESOME! It was really a great time, and was so exciting to share the new CD with everyone...Thanks to Bob and his great team in Canmore. What a great group of people! Also, thanks to all of you who came down to the Ironwood even though it was grey cup!!! Really, I was pleasantly surprised by the great turnout! It was nice to visit with everyone at their tables, sign CD's and chat....It's my favorite part of the whole thing. Connecting. So, again, thanks to everyone for being so warm, and real, and accessible. We are ALL CONNECTED.... Cheers! karla

It's Arrived!

How Exciting!!!!!!

The Cd is here, and in stores today! It will be at Megatunes in Edmonton and Blackbyrd Music in Edmonton for sure....and should be in Megatunes Calgary by tomorrow!( Thanks Neil!)

We will be sending stock to CD Baby as well, so it will be available online for those of you who are out of the geographic area!

I am getting other locales together that will carry or ship the CD as well...Will post as soon as i finalize them....

Going home to have a nice glass of wine and kiss the kids.



Brand New Day

The record is scheduled to be delivered to me on monday or tuesday of next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think I'm excited???? So, the two dates in Southern Alberta Next weekend will be the DEBUT gig for the CD. Hope to see many of you out to share in the JOY! I will be arranging some Northern Alberta Dates as soon as possible...Feelin Groooooovy. onelove karla


Had a couple of great gigs in Calgary and Okotoks! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported their local promoters, and the music. We had fun connecting with everyone...heard some more amazing stories from everyday, ordinary people...who are doing their best to make their world a better place...grass roots change!!! Keep on going strong Colette...and Dr.bob...thanks!

NEW Link Joan of Arc

Check out the CBC link to the Leonard Cohen Event at the Winspear we did last year....I never even knew it was there!!! I was thrilled to sing Joan of Arc with Darrell Scott. We had the best band in the world backing us...(of whom, Mike Lent and Lyle Molzan are playing on the new CD-omg...yes it will be out soon!) Click on the Joan of Arc track and have a listen...heck...listen to the whole was really great! In Vancouver soaking up the city....nice lunch at the marina with mumma bear...hello to you Mr. Colman! Cheers! karla

New Youtube...

There are two new links on the Links page to videos caught at the Canmore Folk Fest a few years back. Thanks so much for sharing them Florence. They are really great! k


What a lot of fun these last couple of gigs have been! Thanks so much to Tim and Mike and Lyle! We played High River at Carlson's on Mcleod. It was such a beautiful place.Great people came out to the show. Mike Edel got my toes a tappin! Anyone attending the Edmonton show tonight will really be diggin on him! And thanks to Rawlco Radio for inviting us to participate in the gig at Ironwood! Rebel Yell....hmmmmmm. Thanks to Trina Nestibo and Jordy...great show. Anyhow...lookin forward to finishing up our little run in Edmonton tonight. Thanks to everyone who got ahold of me for tickets! I got you on the LIST! and have the LIST in my hot little hands.....teeheeheehe. Blessings! See you tonight! Blessings k

Warm air...

Nice to wake up to warm air...birds singing. Simple reminders of the beautiful things in life. Looking forward to the gigs coming up in August. We will be playing with the whole band(the band on the new record!) YAY! That doesn't happen very often, so if you can come out please do so. Will be a very great time! Will send you all a reminder note a couple weeks prior to the gig. Blessings karla ps-hey two entries in one month! wat up wit dat??? teehee


Seems the focus for the year is shaping up to be writing!!! Went to Nashville in May...writing workshop with Darrell Scott and Mary Gautier....learned about myself...which in turn, makes me write! Am teaching a songwriter workshop this weekend in Bragg Creek to teens.... Hopefully we will find the place where the songs are safe. New record IS almost done....a few mixing things...little tweaks that come from listening too hard...and the artwork.... looking forward to releasing it into the world and seeing where it goes. Trust the ocean. Happy summer days to you.. stay in touch. k

Faithful Friend Reminders

Thanks reminding me yet again about the things i need to get done! Lots has been going on in the "life in general" category...the "music in general category"..well...we had a great gig at NLFC. Again, it's my hearts home...where i feel best. Tim was wonderful, the crowd was super. The record?? ...we are mixing at the end of April...looking towards beginning of summer for release. I am excited to be teaching a couple of writing classes/workshops this spring/summer...and ultra excited about my trip to Nashville in May. I am attending an intensive writing workshop with Darrell Scott and Mary's kind of a terrified excited. Any of you know what I mean? Back to reality...I sat on my couch last night and played my guitar and sang...great sound in that room. Thankful for the gift of music. And for the fact that, at eighty years old, I will still be on my couch singing to heaven. one love karla


IT'S JUST A BABY...BUT IT'S BORN....AND ONCE IT GETS IT'S LEGS(MIXING AND MASTERING AND PACKAGING) IT'LL BE ON IT'S WAY TO YOU!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! I am so is going to be an awesome project. Looking forward to having it float out into the musical cosmos. I trust the ocean. Blessings! Karla

Youtube-What Else Can I Do?

Check this out on youtube.... share with friends.... someone needing a blanket? Love, Karla

Manhattan Transfer

Hey.... What a great time Tim and I had opening for Manhattan Transfer! Thanks to Brian at Keystone music for inviting us to play. Also, thanks to all the great people who visited with us after the show...great to connect. Especially to the little one in the red poncho "Claire?", who is carrying a heavy load of worry around in her little heart. Our mum's are our angels...they are always with blessed. Karla


WEATHERS TURNIN... Brought in all the what? Was in the studio a couple weeks back....gettin my feet wet...listening back...waiting for Miles to work his magic and fix it in the mix. Just a demo folks...but getting ready for the real thing. I look forward to a new year of music. How about the Manhattan Transfer gig? Pretty excited to play as i am to watch! blessings all. karla


We are well into summer here....LOOOOVE it! I am a warm weather girl... Hey! Lookin Forward to the gig on the 25th at the Westin. Will be playing with Tim Leacock from Calgary....we had a great time getting together to meet and play last week...Will be fun! For all of you attending the Gala Event at the Winspear....I will see you there! Should be an exciting evening... Blessings to all....heading to Jasper for a day trip now...will breathe in that mountain air...and see if there is a song somewhere. karla

Hey... can it be that it's been since april???? There has been lots going on here with life in general I gues...has a way of kickin the you know what out of ya for sure.... Had a wonderful gig o the 19th. Was really great to play a full show, to a great room. Martin was a nice addition to the show. Was great to try something new! Have the Leonard Coen Event coming up in July... Listening to al of the Cohen songs I have here...wondering which ones to cover....any suggestions? Anyhow. Hope that you all are hanging in there wherever this may find you. k


HEY GUESS WHAT??? I finally got into the game here! I opened a Youtube Account and have been posting videos from the recording of the Embassy Sessions. Got to thelinks section of my website and it'll take you right there! It's cooooool. karla


Feels like spring.... Nice to soak up the sunshine.Just about to take the dogs for a wlak and get some fresh air. I just posted a couple of gigs in April, and am cooking up a few things here. Will keep you all posted. Get off your computer now...and go hug someone you love...or better yet, someone you don't. TeeHeehee Blessings! Karla


Just wanted to drop a line...played a great gig last friday. thanks to zoe and chanda amd martin. Have a couple new the way they feel. Am booking a few gigs at the moment for April. Watch the calendar for dates etc. The world is wild... hang on with all your might. karla

lost...not forgotten....

someone told me today that they checked the website....and it had been a long time since i had visited it. Hmmmmm. I logged in to see when the last time was....i'm embarassed. forgive me. life is getting the better of me i guess. i play songs in my livingroom. write songs...throw them into the wind...write more. everyday seems to blend into the next. i choose my words carefully here.....i am a songwriter, words are powerful tools. and for lack of them...i lean towards the melancholy (my favorite songs :) there is so much the warm wind today. you would think we lived in calgary...and then there's the stuff we write songs about. Like were here to see what i had to say....when i'm only a phone call away....the songwriter rears her head. I sat tonight in the quiet of my off for the weekend...and i watch patti griffin's dvd. Gawd. I cry. I feel, i love. and hate. all at the same time. is that crazy? i bet you weren't expecting this entry. neither was i. but i'm happy we were here together. blessings to all lost souls who are en route to meet mine. also...cheers to tamara at mom magazine who inspired me today. as always blessings k

CKUA Live From Alberta Stages

The concert we recorded in Lloydminster last month will be broadcast one week from tonight. That's Friday, November 16th on "Live From Alberta Stages" - 8-9pm. Stephen's Green is up first, then you. (The program is re-broadcast Sunday morning at 4 - November 18th )

Hey All....

The gig at Blue Chair was great. Thanks to Rob And Jessica!! It's my favorite format really..... Blessings to yoou Don...thanks for coming out and connecting. To all whoo were there, giving and receiving. thanks karla

Time Flies...

WOW!! Been such a busy fall so far...between kids, work and music...ther's definately no shortage of things to do. Have some more gigs coming up this month. First off, thanks to the folks at Rose City Roots for featuring the C'mon in my Kitchen show. I was able to get out and play with those guys...and as was alot of fun. Last Friday, I had the priveledge of opening for Livingston Taylor(James Taylor's brother)...he must be tired of that introduction!! He was a very warm and humble soul. He teaches performance classes and was gracious enough to spend some time giving me some very positive feedback. Thanks Livingston! And great hanging with Becky! So....This Friday, I head out to Lloydminster with the fabulous Mike Lent for a show "Live from Alberta Stages" recorded by CKUA...and broadcasted at a later date. (Stay informed through the CKUA website) Then the Blue Chair on the 27th...sharing the stage with Jessica Heine and Rob Heath. AND FINALLY!!!!!!!! I have an opening spot November 3 at my FAVORITE FOLK CLUB...opening for the FANTASTIC David Francey! YAY!!! will be time to settle in for the Christmas rush....and we'll see you in the new year!!!!! With a new record????? Sorry to all those who are patiently waiting...i am not so patiently waiting..... Blessings... Karla

Gettting Ready...

For the Fall to start creeping in.The leaves are already changing here...The nights are cooling off. Which is great at night to have to reach for an extra blanket and breathe in coooool air. The kids are getting ready to head back to school on Tuesday. I remember when I was a stay at home mum...homeschooling...I never understood why every other mother was so glad to get the kids back to school. :) But now, the thought of coming home after work to kids at home all day making messes and beng "bored"...I,too,am lookin forward to having their days busy! :) My oldest boy started driving today!!! He got his first car two weeks ago and has been fussing over it ever since!!! Got his licence on Tuesday (first try) and is a much more cautious driver than me! He has learned from me exactly how not to drive!!!! Teeheee.... I realize...if you ever think you are out of the woods in the worrying're not. As he pops his head in here tonight...smelling like that great cologne i bought him for Christmas, and says "see ya later mum" I think of all the things i want to tell "drive carefully"...for the hundreth time today!!!!! Thank you God...for the simple things in life. May i never lose sight of them. Blessings to everyone out there who actually takes the time to read this. hope this finds you well...and counting your blessings. Karla

Folk Fest

Well, I am back at home after the Edmonton Folk Festival. It was, as always, a privelege and a pleasure to be a part of it. I am always grateful for the opportunity to connect with a variety of people. From other performers, to people who come out and listen. I was thrilled to meet Darrell Scott...and to re-connect with Kenny Malone. Kenny came up on stage for the last two songs of my concert. It was my festival moment. :) I am pretty tuckered out today...I will gather my thoughts and write more...sooner than later. We did some filming and some recording at the festival. I will send a mailer out to you when we post some of those vids online. Again, thanks to all the kind people who come out to listen, to share and connect. It's not about anything more than that. There wouldn't be any music if there was no one to receive. The rest is just details..... God Bless. Karla


WOW!! I keep waiting for it and then have to remind myself that it's here...and not to miss it!!!! teehee...for those of you who live in warmer climates, you probably can't relate to what i'm saying! Summer here is so short, and if the weather isn't can miss it! :) Notice lots of activity(hits) on the site from Germany and from New Zealand. Did "Joan of Arcadia" Air there??? Always curious to see how people are arriving at the site. Don't forget to drop me a line in the guestbook when you do! Had a wonderful gig in was so sweet to play with Cori and Jane. The folks that came out were so warm...great energy in that room. Thanks to all who came out. I always say, the music is only as good as those who receive it. And the folks in Canmore proved that! I did manage to finish the tune i wrote for our ailing community. It's called Angels in Graves. Pretty sordid...but the message is there i think...the story told. Story tellers...that's what we are. All of us have a story don't we? Anyhow...blessings to you reading this. karla


Heading out to the Canmore Artspeak Festival this weekend to play. I'm doing a songwriter in the round with Jane Hawley and Cori Brewster. It's my first time seeing or playing with them, so it's a new discovery for us all. Should be great! Always good to get the sister energy going! And in the mountains to boot! Been lots going on in everyday life here...My oldest son is graduating at the end of the month. It's so hard to believe how time it takes you beyond the limits of your love. Our town has been rife with local struggles...I've been working on a song...or rather a song has been working on me. Trying to sum up the angst and sorrow of some of the kids and parents here...A series of unfortunate events. For sure. And tornadoes touching down here yesterday too!! Youch! I think we better start prayin for this little town! Anyhow...for those of you that come out to the show in Canmore, I willhopefully be ready to share the new song. Have a few of them for you. Blessings to you, wherever you are. Karla


i'm so slack with my entries... forget to make an entry the for the weekend of the 13-15...did that c'mon in my kitchen my hometown. It was great!!!! I love playing with those boys!! Also had a special trip to Calgary on Friday where i met some special gals..and got to sing for them and talk to them. They are so young and have already seen to much of the dark side...i wish them well...they know who they are. Stay strong girls...i'm thinkin about you...and prayin too. Hang on for that brand new day... blessings. karla

I Love.....

THE ALBERTA SESSIONS!!!! Hats off to John all of his volunteers...who make this show so special. I had the great fortune to have Kit Johnson join me on bass for the show. Everything felt know? Jack does sucha splendid job on feels like you're in the living room.. ..It's the way to hear it. The audience was back to us their energy and connection. Thanks to everyone who played, and listened and had a part in making another very successful Songwriter Session series. Took my son Matt with me...we were on a date for his birthday...which was back in January. I had a gig on his birthday, and promised him a special date...just him and I. Dinner, a that's what we did! We drove into Calgary and saw a movie...skipped dinner for swimming at the hotel (where we met some folks from Medicine Hat who recognized me from their winter folk fest...small world!!!) Anyhow...we went to the gig...went back to our room fell up had a great pillow fight...went for a swim...went to Nellie's for a terrific breakfast!!! With terrific company..Jesse and Carmen. Thanks for getting the table! Teehee...drove home. Feeling that those moments are what make life so precious. Matt fell asleep on the way home, I sang to my John Mayer Continuum CD...and had sunshine and tears in my eyes at the simple things that are so beautiful, and easily missed. Thankful for feeling every moment...for not being asleep, or too numb to feel. Any how...I'm really going on now!!!! :) Blessings really to any of you who are taking the time to read this. My heart goes out to this world of friends... blessings karla

Saturday Night Special..

Well...just wanted to drop in to say thanks to everyone at the Braeside Hall for making me feel so welcome. Had a nice time at your 30 year old folk club!!!! WOW! It's a community unto itself! And what a great line-up shaping up for next year! Good Work Chuck! Anyhow...must get back to work here. The balancing act continues.... k

January Blessings....

January was such a great month.... I got to connect with so many great folks. Starting with the Nickelodeon Folk Club, thanks to Nancy and the gang for driving ALL the way from Saskatoon to see the show. WOW!!!!! Then to the Engineered Air Theatre with the C'mon in my Kitchen show...great night with the boys!!! Beautiful audience! And finally to the Medicine Hat Tounge on the Post Festival. What a great time!!! Thanks to Ron Mason..for givin me three chances. To jessica Benini for steppin up to the plate and killin the ball!!!! :) to Paddy for the great words of wisdom...and to Darla and the gang for all their hard work!!!! I am blessed! and send it out to you. karla

New Year....

Here we are...2007. What will this year bring? A new record I'm thinkin... Went to Bluebird North last night. Good to see those songwriters out there. We are all connected we are. Any how...Have a couple of dates i need to add to my schedule...waiting to hear back on other stuff...mostly thinking about recording. It is comin on... blessings to you karla

It's çomin on Christmas....

Had all kinds of great plans today...y'know...finish wrapping kids presents, write cards etc...didn't do a darned thing!!! Except grocery shop (what a zoo) and bake mini-quiches....hmmmmmm, I have been meaning to make a note regarding the United Arab Emirates. There has been a LOT of activity on the website from your neck of the woods....What's UP??? How are you connecting with the music??? It's always interesting to know, so, if you are reading this and you are one of the many visitors from UAE...Send me an email would you please. The UAE is close behind Canada for activity...and I think that's great! The next in line are Brazil, Germany and Russia...Again...drop me a line and let me know how you are finding the music... I imagine it is through Joan of well as some radio play. The Netherlands has been great as well...Someday I will come and play for you Jordy!!!!!! :) And again, thanks to all of you who have been sending mail now that I have managed to re-connect with dream is to come and visit each of in your area...connect, and bridge the distance between the hearts of the world. Hope that all of you are able to find meaning in this crazy time of year. I know for some people, Christmas is a very painful time of year. I send out a hug to you now...Everyone talks about being happy...being with family, being warm and cozy...but it's not for everyone is it? We are all in this together you are not alone!!! I send out a Christmas prayer to you. Blessings Karla


I just spent a few hours updating some of my email info...I lost so many great emails and addresses from my last website disaster. Thank God for Host Baby (my new website folks) So any of you who haven't heard from me (mostly in US and Europe) don't be shy to send some mail or sign the guestbook!!! Thanks for staying connected and glad to have you back in the circle... Blessings. K

Christmas in Alberta

Had a couple of great gigs this weekend...thanks to Peter North, Marc Stirling, Ron Rault, and Stuart Mcdougall...It was a great night at the Northern Lights Folk Club! Headed to Calgary for the Christmas in Alberta celebration with the Rosebud Theatre School. CKUA recorded the event and will be airing it Christmas morning. It was a beautiful program. Hats off to Paul Muir!!! And many thanks to all the wonderful, budding students. They so inspire me. If you haven't gone to Rosebud, Alberta before, check it out!!! They have a wonderful dinner theatre and school where they do 7 shows a week! These kids (and teachers) are working hard!! Their performances are TOP NOTCH!!! Give yourself a treat any time of year!! Check out their website on my links page. As many of the folks at Northern Lights discovered on Saturday...I am not a big fan of the season. (my chosen "Christmas song" was Christmas in Prison, by John Prine)I still would like to wish you all out there the very be your very your very best life...count your blessings. Send your prayers out to those who cannot believe, who have no hope left...this is what we are called to. To care, to love, to connect, to give...I have met so many of you beautiful people out there. And everyday it renews the spark in me. Thanks Karla


Hey everyone... The weather is trying to keep us in...but we need to get out and support Homefest 2006!!!! Lets all get together and make beautiful music...and beautiful change and awareness for those who have nowhere to come in from the cold. I'm looking forward to playing and to seeing you all out!!! Keep warm...keep someone you love someone you don't even know get warm! Blessings Karla

Music bliss....

Went out to see Bonnie Raitt last night with Maia Sharpe. All I can say bliss.... Wow! What a great show! Inspiring to say the least. Big Thankyou to them for making the treck to the North West. I'm sure there are warmer places they could play...but I'm so happy to have seen the show...Hope all is well with you... k

I've died and gone to....

Rosebud, AB... My favorite little town in Alberta... Little town (population 92) with the LARGEST heart. An experience...The only place I'll play where I can say Half the town showed up! TeeHee...Thanks to the folks who drove out from CAlgary as well.... It would take too long to describe my affinity to Rosebud...It's an artist town...full of Budding with conscience...making art...making music. A community of adults who step alongside and encourage them to be their best (Paul and Tom). The cafe where they all pull up a chair after the gig...grab a guitar, pull out a saxophone, have a beer or a steamer, and play music till 2 am. Where a young man (17) steps up and sings the most beautiful opera piece..strauss... he apologizes that he has a cold and can't sing tonight...(OH MY GOD) It is beautiful... beautiful...beautiful... If Tom hadn't have bought that cafe, I would have...and lived there till i was 98. God Bless Rosebud. K

The Fall...

Hi All... Well the leaves are in their full was so beaautiful today...The sun was warm. Mmmmmm. I have been trying out the sending of emails to my the new folks who sign up etc... I really appreciate that people take the time to sign in. Hopefully we all stay connected to the purpose and to one another. The Embassy Sessions was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award. That is a great honor. Not sure if I will be able to make it to Winnipeg for the conference happening there and the awards night....but all the best to everyone in my category...Pretty sure Corb will take the cake!!! Hats off to that Alberta Boy! :) Expect mail from me real soon.... k

WCMA Award Nomination

The Embassy Sessions is Nominated for Outstanding Roots Recording this year...I'm honored to be in line with Corb Lund, Steve Dawson, Angela Harris and Harry Manx! WOW! Best of Luck to all.... check out www.westerncanadian

Summer Haze...

Kids are talking about going back to school...half ready and half not! I'm loving the summer we've been having...finally a summer of warm days. Feels good to soak up the sun into the bones...getting ready for the coming season. Not much to mention...just wanting to make the connection. Blessings to you Karla

Canmore Folk Festival...

Just got home from the was really a great thing!! Beautiful people, music, can you ask for more? The highlight for me was the last workshop with Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez. We ended the workshop singing Angel of the Morning together....there i was on stage with one of the greatest songwriters on the planet... a beautiful and amzing group of musicians...singing Angel of the Morning. Time stopped a bit...i looked out at the mountains. How beautiful. Thanks so much to Ken Rooks for all the dedication and hard work. To all the Mike and Marc. To all folks who came up and chatted...who bought cd's in support of the music. It all says keep where??? Who knows. The journey is the destination. Blessings all... Karla

Forgive Me...

Been so long since i've made an, I haven't dropped off the face of the planet. Went out to the Island Music Fest. It was a terrific festival. Great to be out on the coast...connecting with all the great folks I met there. The highlight of the festival for me was watching the Darrell Scott concert on Sunday at 4. He blew me away. The tears wouldn't stop comin. It reminded me of the first time i watched Martyn Joseph...that kind of heart wide open. Anyhow, I bought his CD and after the festival took a drive up to Campbell River, listening. It was a much needed and beautiful drive. I'm lookin forward to The Canmore Festival coming up. It'll be great to play with Mike and Marc. Hope to see you out...Hope this finds you well... Blessings. Karla

Rainy Days...

WOW!!! I think we'd better think about plans for and ark. Not used to so much rain...Building site is like mud soup. House isn't quite finished...livin like gypsies. Wanted to touch base to let youknow how things are going. The Southern Alberta dates were really great. Thanks toThe Stop in Black Diamond for their commitment to live music and to all the people who come out to support. Main Street Cafe in Nanton too, was such a treat. The chili was delicious!!!! The room was full of warm hearts...thanks to all who came out really...As I always say...If there weren't people to listen and receive, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. It's a two way deal. I tried uploading a copy of the Boston Globe chart on the Pics page. I know it didn't show up very well..for reads Radio Play for WUMB 91.9 in Boston for the week ending May 26 #1 Karla Anderson-"Out From Under" #2 Grace Potter & the Nocturnals- "2:22" #3 Josh Ritter- "In the Dark" #4 Bruce Springsteen-"Jacob's Ladder" #5 Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris-"This Is Us" #6 Kieran Kane and Kevin Welch- "Satan's Paradise" #7 David Wilcox- "No Doubt About It" #8 McCoy Bros.-"Lighthouse Dream" #9 Elvis Costello & Allen Tousaint "Tears, Tears and More Tears" #10 Dave Alvin "On My Way Downtown" Thanks to WUMB for giving us such awesome support...And to all who have signed into the guestbook. I will be replying to you as I get the time...and adding your addresses to the mail list. Still trying to figure out how to operate the site!! Please stay in touch everyone. Blessings to you, wherever you are, whatever life is dishing out... blessings. New Quote of the week. "We can live our lives two ways...One as if nothing is a miracle, the other as if everything is a miracle." -Albert Einstein PS. -- Hallo to all the great folks who were brave enough to come out to our 20 year reunion last night!!! It was great fun to see you out. If you get a chance...come out to a show! :)

Hey there...

Hi all... Well, I just want to say a big thankyou to everyone who has been responding to the CBC Alberta Bound special. It was a great honor to be among so many terrific performers. I am looking forward to getting out and playing some more this spring/summer...Been contracting a house all winter and I'm beginning to feel like I want my life back!!! No more phone calls to more things to pick up no more no more no more. Just move in...have a glass of red wine and thank God it's finished!!!! I'm packing and getting ready to move as we speak (type). Thanks to everyone who have been so patient while I drop out of site!!! orphan children :) , my boss(!), mymanager Neil.... I'll be baaaaackkk...soon! Blesiings Karla

Sunday Dinner...

Sitting here with my son and nephew marveling at the wonders of host baby...more later...


I just want to say that this news section will be used primarily like a journal. I am first a writer really...with the need to express. My old website had a couple of years worth of journal entries and I miss reviewing them...because it was such a great outline of the journey we've been on. I look forward to building the same relationship here. We just have to start over...from the top...And don't we have to do that in so many ways in life anyhow. How to accept change...that's the greatest lesson ever learned. Two and a half years ago I found myself at the beginning in the middle of my life...Some time soon, i will write a story here about the journey. More than a bio...but a real story you can relate to....the reason you connect with the music and the reason I connect with each of you and your stories. Blessings to everyone taking the time to read this. Send me a a comment if you'd like. But stay in touch...cause this is how roots music heart at a time. Karla

Baby Website......

Finally...we are back...Will be growing slowly but surely!

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